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Remove items from array

Demo and Code for how to remove an item from array using javascript

by Athil

Posted on 07 Jul 2017 Category: Javascript Views: 517

Edited on 25 Jul 2018


Hi, Here I am going to show how to remove an item from an array in javascript using array index.

Syntax of array splice

   arrayname.splice(<index>, <no_of_items>);

Array splice method is used for both add/remove items from an array by index.

Example for Removing Item from array using array splice

  if (i > -1) { // Where i is the index and dataArray is array name
                   dataArray.splice(i, 1);

Example for adding item in array using array splice

var arrayname= ["Car", "Bike", "Truck", "Scooter"];
arrayname.splice(2, 0, "Train", "Bus"); // Where 2 is to add second index two items by removing 0 items

Demo Code

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
    <title> Demo for array splice</title>
    <h1> Demo for array splice </h1>

    <button onclick="Removeitem();"> Remove Item
    <button onclick="addditem();"> Add Item


      <script type="text/javascript">

          function Removeitem() {
              var arrayname = ["Car", "Bike", "Truck", "Scooter"];
              if (1 > -1) { // Where i is the index and dataArray is array name
                  arrayname.splice(1, 1);

          function addditem()
              var arrayname = ["Car", "Bike", "Truck", "Scooter"];
              arrayname.splice(2, 0, "Train", "Bus");



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