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Regular expression number only

Regular expression for integers(Number only), How to write regular expressions for number only text

by Athil

Posted on 28 Nov 2016 Category: Javascript Views: 1097

Edited on 02 Jun 2017

Hi, If we want to create a number only text box we can use the expression

/^[0-9]*$/             //Number only with no limit

Here we can see a '*' almost end of the expression and why I give '*' means it have no limit. That is we can create any length of text that accept number only.[0-9] Means accept all characters between 0-9

/^[0-9]{10}$/              // It accepts only 10 digits 

If you want to add more digits change the value from braces ({}) to other value.

/^[0-9]{10,20}$/        //Accepts any digits of numbers between 10 - 20 digits

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