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Change Directory in DOS

Dos Command for how to change current directory

by Athil

Posted on 28 Jun 2017 Category: DOS Views: 513

Edited on 29 Jun 2017

Hi, Here I am going to show how to change directory in DOS Command. We Can change Directory by Using CHDIR OR CD Command.

CD Is the short form of CHDIR Command.

Syntax of CD


Syntax od CHDIR

CHDIR <directory>

Image of changing the current directory to test folder. The previous location is tin f drive.


Change Directory By Giving Directory Name

if we want to change directory to any directory that exists in the current directory just type command 'cd directory-name' 


Change Directory By Using Drive Letter.

We can change the directory to the top of root folder by giving drive letters. 

An example of change directory using drive letter


Image of changing directory to c drive the previous location is f:/test

Change Directory To One Level back folder.

by typing command 'cd ..' in dos window the directory will change to one level back folder.

For example, if the current directory is c:\users\user.

When we type command cd.. The directory will change to c:\users.

Image of changing directory to one level up. The current directory changed to c drive and the previous directory was c:/users




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