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C Identifiers

What are identifiers in c programming.

by Athil

Posted on 22 Jan 2017 Category: C Views: 1150

Edited on 03 Jun 2017

Identifiers are names given to various elements of a program, such as variables, functions, and arrays. An identifier may consist of digits and letters. But there are certain rules to give name to an identifier.


1.We can use numbers underscore (_) symbol and characters.
2. The First character must be a letter or underscore(_) symbol.
3. We can use Upper case and Lower case. But both have different meaning.
4. We can start with underscore symbol(_) also.
5. No other symbols are accepted.
6. We cannot give a keyword as an identifier.


Some valid identifiers
aaa, abc, ship, flag, Id_no, _customer_no etc
Some Invalid identifiers
201, “y”, ship No, flag error etc

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