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Change Port number of Apache in xampp

Instructions, How to change port number of apavhe server

by Athil

Posted on 16 Mar 2017 Category: Apache Server Views: 2374

Edited on 03 Jun 2017

Here I am going to show how I changed the port number of my apache server (windows), I need to run IIS and Apache together, So I need to chenge the port number, and I am using xamp application. I Wish to change the port number to 8080  which is free. I did the following steps, 

1. The first step is to find the ports which are using system, For that open xamp and click on Netstat button on the top of the right hand side of xamp.

2. Open Httpd.conf file from (c:/xamp/apache/conf) and edit Replace the words 

Listen 80 to  Listen 8080


ServerName localhost:80  To ServerName localhost:8080

And save the file.

3. Open the file httpd-ssl.conf  from (c:/ xamp/apache/conf/extra). for change ssl port number to 8081 So need to replace

Listen 443 To Listen 8081


<VirtualHost _default_:443> To <VirtualHost _default_:8081>


ServerName localhost:8013 To ServerName localhost:8081

Save File

4. Open Xamp 

5.  Go to Config -> Service and Port Settings -> Appache

6.  Change Main port to 8080 and SSL Port to 8081

7.  Save Settings And Configuration of Control Panel

8.  Restart Apache

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