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Remove rows from html table

Demo and code for how to remove rows from html table using jQuery

by Athil

Posted on 24 May 2017 Category: jQuery Views: 845

Edited on 03 Jun 2017


Hi, Here I am going to show how to remove a row item. 

Suppose I have a table with n rows and I put a remove button in each rows, When I click on the remove button from any row I need to remove the row programmatically, jQuery helps easily to remove row programmatically. in this way.

$(document).on('click', 'a.RemoveRow', function () {
          $(this).closest('tr').remove(); return false;

This code can easily remove the row which the clicked a tag existed row.

Full Code

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
    <title>Demo for remove rows from html table using jQuery</title>
    <h1>Demo for remove rows from html table using jQuery</h1>
    <table id="tbl1">
                <tr><td>Name1</td><td>Address1</td><td>1</td><td><a class="RemoveRow">Remove </a></td></tr>
                <tr><td>Name2</td><td>Address2</td><td>2</td><td><a class="RemoveRow">Remove </a></td></tr>
                <tr><td>Name3</td><td>Address3</td><td>3</td><td><a class="RemoveRow">Remove </a></td></tr>
                <tr><td>Name4</td><td>Address4</td><td>4</td><td><a class="RemoveRow">Remove </a></td></tr>
                <tr><td>Name5</td><td>Address5</td><td>5</td><td><a class="RemoveRow">Remove </a></td></tr>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.min.js" ></script>
        $(document).on('click', 'a.RemoveRow', function () {

            return false;

If you are using buttons instead of <a> tags to remove rows change the code in this way

$(document).on('click', 'a.RemoveRow', function () {
        $(this).closest('tr').remove(); return false;



jQuery Adding rows to table

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